bears standing with copyrightBottom Biting Bears and Other Bedtime beasties” is a collection of humorous poems about the make-believe animals that can distract children at bedtime.  So the next time Jayne or John are being slow cleaning their teeth it might be because they are watching Marvin the Meerkat sail across the loo or perhaps Egbert the Eagle is helping them to clean their ears by eating the ear-wax!

The poem about those cheeky bears was inspired by my 4 year old God-daughter running around the house naked one bedtime. Rather than being a calming influence, Auntie Nicci was a very naughty “fairy godmother”: instead of encouraging her to go to bed I pretended to be a “Bottom Biting Bear”.

Thinking nothing more about the game I went to bed not realising that my subconscious was going to have a busy night.  I woke up early the next morning and had written poems about the bears and hedgehog before anyone else was awake.

Poems about the Leg Licking Leopard, Tummy Tickling Tiger and Lucky Jim, the Duck-billed Platypus, soon followed. They have now been joined by Franklin Fox and Geraldine the Giraffe amongst others.  The complete A-Z of poems is now available in two books: one which contains colour illustrations and the other a “retro” version with black and white illustrations.  The wonderful artwork is by Ben Jones because I can’t draw a wonky line with the aid of a ruler!