About Nicci


Nicci Fletcher Profile PhotoI always knew that I wanted to write.  My “career” started at the tender age of five when I used to “enthral” my family at tea-time with the latest instalments of “PigDog” and a family of squirrels called the “Nutwerts of Nut Wood”.  Unfortunately these early masterpieces have been lost for ever remaining only as a distant memory.  However, I’m pleased to say that if any family member starts to waffle you can often hear the cry “And PigDog said…!”

In additional to “Bottom Biting Bears” I am also working on a series of children’s stories about a fairy called Isadora and her little friend called Nicci. The books are about their adventures and life-long friendship, and yes, it is vaguely auto-biographical.  The first book in the series, “Isadora: Born Under A Fairy Moon”, will be published in the autumn of 2011.

So many people have asked me about “Isadora” that I’ve added a few little excerpts on the “Other Writing” page for you to read. As the publication date approaches she’ll have her own website where you’ll be able to find out more about her magical world.

When I am not working on children’s books I help other people achieve their writing ambitions.  I work mainly with people wanting to write their family’s history, to capture the memories and stories for future generations.  To find out more about my work as a writing mentor please visit www.wasgrandadaspy.com