Egbert the Eagle


Egbert with copyright

Egbert eats my ear-wax

When I’m sitting in the bath.

Egbert eats my ear-wax;

He does it for a laugh.


“Ear-wax keeps me healthy”

He says cleaning all his feathers

“The wax makes them glossy

And waterproof in any weathers.”


I think it’s rather nasty

And refuse to have a try.

Egbert thinks that’s stupid

And often asks me “Why?”


I say it tastes disgusting

And will gunk up my inside

And mummy told me not to

Which is a definite downside.


So I leave eating ear-wax

To Egbert, who’s an eagle,

And to Mischief, who eats anything,

Because Mischief is a Beagle.


© Nicci Fletcher – June 2010